What Asthakesari is all about!

The pleasure lies in living a healthy life.

Breathe freely in the air!

Curated with the goodness of natural ingredients, Asthakesari is the ultimate healer for breathing disorders.

Say goodbye to health problems

An Ayurveda formulation to get rid of cough and respiratory problems and boost your energy.

Asthakesari - Asthma Curing Syrup

About Divjot Enterprises

Divjot Enterprises is the most trusted partner in the production of herbal medicines for the treatment of various diseases. The herbal formulations distributed by our company to cure Asthma and body weakness are well researched and accepted by the most trusted doctors and R&D companies in the pharmaceutical industries. We are committed to produce high quality medicines that not only cure but also boost the immunity of the body to fight diseases.

Divjot Enterprises has gained its popularity all over India and is physically present in around 12 states of India with headquarter in Patiala. The company has gained trust not only by manufacturing high quality herbal medicines but also by treating respiratory ailments like Asthma & Dry cough. Divjot Enterprises has gained its name among all time trusted brands by its valuable cough syrup Ashtakesari which not only treats dry cough but also cures asthma and helps in curing respiratory diseases.

We are constantly investing our efforts in networking and advertising, so that we can bring these solutions to as many people as possible. The use of natural ingredients and safe Ayurvedic processes make us different from others in the industry. Our aim is to make more and more people aware of herbal benefits which are inherited from our Indian herbal culture. We are proud to raise the banner of Make in India with the traditional herbal culture of all times.


Asthakesari - Cleanse your Respiratory Tract

Live with the virtue of nature

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Our company history and facts

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul,like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.