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Tested and approved by Ayurveda, listen to what the top doctors have to say about Asthakesari! They too believe that it is the best, safest, and quickest way to get rid of asthma naturally.

How It Works

The extraction of herbs and its perfect combination with the Ayurveda methods work blissfully for your lungs.
Lungs Detox


Turmeric & Mint leaves in our syrup helps to detoxify your lungs and body.

Strengthens Respiration

Strengthens Respiration

The goodness of astragalus and thyme will empower respiration.

Airflow to lungs

Airflow to lungs

Eucalyptus, licorice, and peppermint make the flow of air easy to your lungs.

Degradegrade Mucus

Degrade Mucus

Ingredients like ginger and echinacea clean up mucus from your throat and air pipe.

Relieves Cough

Relieves Cough

Honey, turmeric, and ginger works wonder for curing the fearful cough.

Eases Breath

Eases Breathe

Finally, the perfect mix of herbs lets you breathe freely in the air.

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